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I found I can't get direct flights to Marseilles from Ireland(still a backward country it seems) and though Air France has the best connection options it going to be expensive.
I've made the difficult decision not to go.Its simply too much money when you are only going for one guest.
Anybody want a VIP ticket?

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I had a wonderful time.Met friends and made some new ones and got drunk.
Pictures here.

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Its in Bournemouth next weekend.Torri shall be there for anyone who is interested.It difficult for me to get there from here.Only one airline fly to an airport that has a train connection and I can't fly there direct.I'll have to give it a miss,damn.

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Merry Christmas to everybody,hope you have a lovely day.
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Comment to this entry with "trick or treat!" and I'll reply to the following things about you:

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Its certainly hilly here and I can see why its called The City Of The Seven Hills.Yesterday Opal took me to one of the cities parks.
I'm surprised at how many green areas there are and its a great idea,more cities need them.We walked through little paths with trees that formed tunnels and climbing down hillsides.It feels like you're transported  to a different place.
The park its self was beautiful,a little river,lots of trees and what Opal calls "stony things" and happy dogs.

I recommend it .
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Its my first time here and I'm impressed,it not what I expected since it used to me an industrial centre.I'm staying with Opal which adds to the fun of course.

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Went to Glendale to see the play.It's unlke other cities I've seen.It looks like a lot of shoebox like buildings strewn around .Few tall buildings with very few following any similar design.
Some are very modern and ugly yet the theatre was an old masonic temple.
Outside while waiting for the doors to open I ran into Torri and her dad.
She looked fantastic and easygoing as always.It my first time at the theatre and Torri's performance made it for me.Her passion for Shakesphere was very evident.The actors spent some tome talking to the patrons and I had a few quick words with her again and she indulged me in having a photo taken.her joy of the theatre is infectous and she told me how happy she was to get a chance to do Shakesphere.
She was glowing so I hope she gets the opportunity to do more stage work,and tv  and film because I'm greedy.
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I'm in Spokane  for the next day or so.Getting here involved a four hour drive which took me through farming country.Large flat vistas and radio stations that play modern country(awful)and latin music (the not very good kind,lots of accordion).Christian radio is very popular,I was VERY  glad I brought some cds.

Spokane is a small city,one with lots of space giving it a sparse appearance,very different from  what I'm used to.People are quite friendly too.
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I love seeing other countries its the process of getting to them that I don't like.
Six hour delay at Dublin then one hour sitting on the tarmac waiting fro take off.
It was necessary to fly a longer route because of that damn volcano which meant refueling in Bangor Maine.Missed my connecting flight in Chicago and so the airline put me up in a hotel.Finally arrived in Seattle a few hours ago,I shall be drinking later.

Current Mood: grateful grateful

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